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Elegant women in freedom

Caterina D.’s clothes are suitable for the easy chic lifestyle of today’s women who, with a dress, want to feel good at all times:
in the morning, when you’re in a hurry, at work, out to dinner, on vacation, and on the weekend.
A Caterina D. dress is always the best choice to avoid paying the price of elegance with discomfort.

Quality and women’s needs, always in the first place

Catherine D. is a line of women’s clothing for the home, for leisure and for every occasion, born in 2011 from the fortunate encounter between the creative genius of stylist Catia De Silvestri and the brand’s experience of over 50 years Emmebiesse. Its proposal is spread over two collections a year, all characterized by themes, modeling and special fabrics: dresses, shirts, sweaters, jackets, jumpsuits, accessories with an original design and a strong personality, are ideal for those who want to live comfortably but with style every situation of everyday life.
The constant updating of the staff, both operational and managerial, and the development of new production methods make it possible to achieve increasingly high quality standards that meet the fashion needs of today’s woman: committed, independent and strong

Made in Italy sartorial fashion, guaranteed and sustainable

Only the best quality fabrics, of certified and guaranteed origin, processed with the latest techniques can become garments of the Caterina D collections. Fabrics, from wool to cotton, as well as satin, taffetas and viscose, are carefully selected to create garments that offer well-being and maximum freedom of movement.
One of the most distinctive qualities of Caterina D.’s creations is craftsmanship: respect for tradition and sartorial precision characterize every process (some are completely manual), to offer a high quality final product, also evidenced by the details.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and operates in compliance with the highest ethical standards in existence, committing itself to carrying out its business with a view to sustainable and eco-friendly development.

Style and practicality for every occasion

Thanks to Caterina D., loungewear is no longer just made up of dressing gowns or pajamas, but of feminine and refined dresses and jumpsuits, while the outfit for outings does not give up comfort, even when it comes to formal occasions.
The eternal dichotomy between elegance and practicality thus becomes a distant memory for those who wear Caterina D.’s garments. On the other hand, why choose between style and comfort when you can have both, thanks to a new fashion idea? Garments with soft and light lines, with a unique and refined design are the essence of the Caterina D. line, for a stress-free beauty.

Unleash your style with elegant home clothes

A jumpsuit with particular details or a dress made with sartorial techniques, typical of high fashion, are just two examples of style to show off at home, where, finally, even the most attentive woman will be able to feel fulfilled in her ideal image.
Free time becomes, thanks to a dress or soft trousers with a great fit, an opportunity to always be consistent with one’s style.

All the comfort of elegance

A comfortable pinafore, a soft cocktail dress, a comfortable shirt, a cool t-shirt, a cozy jacket, a suit with cigarette pants that leaves freedom of movement: all this and much more accompanies the days of those who wear, in the office, at a meeting or during their daily commitments, an item signed Caterina D. All with the guarantee of an elegant, neat and formal look, suitable for any occasion.

You look beautiful, and you feel free and comfortable!

Body positivity in every garment

Every body is perfect just the way it is. Body positivity is part of Caterina D.’s corporate manifesto and every day inspires the creation and production of garments that adapt to every silhouette.

“Wear what makes you feel good.” This should be the only imperative of women’s fashion. Caterina D.’s stylists support it every day and, to respond to it, they conceive creations aimed at enhancing every type of physique, thanks to versatile and timeless models, which make the wearer feel feminine, sporty, elegant, practical and free at all times.

A Caterina D. dress is a gift of love for one’s body, it is the trusted guardian of a woman’s natural imperfections, a way to express personality with style and without ever sacrificing practicality and self-confidence.

Do you like a garment but are worried that it won’t suit your physique? Each model is available from size S to XL (for some models also XXL): don’t give up trying on that dress that struck you, you will see that it will look like it was made just for you!

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